Linguistic Anthropology Seminar: Oct 29 2021, 12pm

See below for details on the scheduled Linguistic Anthropology Seminar, upcoming on Oct. 29.

COVID notes:  This is an in-person event. Given the time of day, some attendees may need to eat lunch in the room while they listen, therefore removing masks. We will open the big windows in the room, and keep mask-off time to a minimum.

Linguistic Anthropology Seminar: Friday October 29 2021, 12-2pm. Brooks Hall, 2nd floor conference room

Presenter: Eve Danziger, UVa Professor of Anthropology

Title: "Ergative, split ergative and split intransitive: Case-role-marking typology and the Mayan languages"

Abstract: While predicate-argument relations in most Mayan languages have long been known to be fully ergative, well-described case-role marking patterns in certain languages across multiple branches of the family have motivated a conventional characterization among Mayanists of “split ergative” for those languages. This paper offers a critical re-examination of the notion of “split ergative” as it applies to the Mayan family, and proposes an alternative analysis in terms of “split intransitivity”. Detailed consideration of languages in the Yukatekan sub-family demonstrates the usefulness of this alternative analysis.